Our Products.
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The UK’s most powerful website for everyone with an interest in property & land. Nimbus® Maps aggregates data, layers in technology, visualises it all into one place. You have two choices of product:


The most powerful service for businesses to target the best on- and off-market land and property… how many opportunities do you need?

Site Finding is a highly targeted property acquisition service run by our hugely experienced property Data Science team. It’s a ‘done for you’ service that, once you share with us your requirements or idea, we’ll spec it out, price it up and then search our c30-million records and 1000+ data sources to deliver the output. All you need then do is choose how many sites/properties you need and how you’d like the output: PDF, Excel, Mail Merge or Mail Out.

Our Passion.

Our passion and belief.

“We love working with land and property. Not only that however, we are also huge believers in data and technology, and the benefits they bring.

“Nimbus® was our brainchild, developed to incorporate all these passions together and we wanted to help all property owners and professionals to understand how to create greater social and economic benefits by using it.

“Both of us have worked together in property our entire careers, as well as both having Engineering Master’s Degrees from Oxbridge, Paul being a lighter shade of blue than Simon!

“We began our careers in the family property investment business, started by our father who was a property lawyer, and then went on to form a consultancy business, Assured Property Group, specialising in property development for multi-billion-pound property organisations.

“Nimbus® is a culmination of decades of property experience and a deep-rooted “technology first” approach to problem solving.

“Both of us are now driven to inspire and engage through our shared property experiences and our combined passion for data, technology and property.”

Paul & Simon Davis – Co-founders